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Privacy Statement Site Privacy Policy. 
This privacy policy Elite Tourism Investment Inc. by, is prepared for the determination of the responsibility for privacy. The following information on substances web site contains rules for the collection and distribution process. 
Instead of the forms on our site by our users; name, surname, e-mail and mailing address, telephone number, credit card information, contact information, age, annual income, etc. statistical information, account numbers, such as financial information and tax identification number, ID number, personal information entered may be required. Contact information will be used when we need also to communicate with our users. Depending on the wishes of our users may get records from our system. The financial information of the cost of purchased goods and services required for collection and other cases will be used. Personal information users should login to the system and other cases will be used to verify the person's identity. Statistical information and profile data is also collected at our web site. This information is intended to be used in all situations. Monitoring of visitor movements of this information, will be used in the case of provision of personalized content. as a member, you have your privacy rights are: 
1. e-mail address will not be distributed to other organizations in any way and will not be used to make e-mail marketing. 
2. Our site is mediated by the typed name, surname, e-mail address, mailing address, telephone number, contact details, age, tax identification number, ID number, your information your consent, except to other members will not be opened. However, this information by customer profile can be used in order to determine its structure. 
3. address you wish to unsubscribe you can refer to the moment. Cancellation Date, together with all the information stored in the system will be deleted. 
4. we can reach you and also our services as well as some of the opportunities that we can inform the membership for approval, to be true and correct e-mail address is required. 
5. Only you can access all the information that you enter in the system, and only you can change them. As long as you do not allow any other member of the access to information about you and it is not possible to change them. 
Loss of information on our site, the information is not allowed to change to prevent unauthorized usage and safety measures are implemented by our company. These security measures include; 
1- Firewall 
2- 128-Bit SSL Certificate 
Correction / Renewal above Privacy Policy, your individuality is to guarantee your rights. Any suggestions, criticism and experience to transfer your e-mail address: is 
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